About Landers

We are the membership shopping superstore that offers a blissful shopping experience

Landers Superstore was born out of the desire to create not only a place that will 'house' top-notch goods and treasure finds for the whole family. Here stands the pillars of a superstore that gives more value to our members, so you will always have a blissful shopping experience in every visit.

What makes us a Superstore?

Aside from offering you top-notch imported goods and an array of quality local products, we also indulge your cravings at our diner and coffee shop, we satisfy your lifestyle needs at our barbershop, and we fuel you up at our very own Caltex gas station..



1240 EDSA Balintawak Apolonio Samson, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 819-7040, 819-7041
Store Hours: 9AM - 9PM

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Email us at marketing@landers.ph!